Self-employed and businesses

Preparation, conditions, steps to take to start your own business, rates, setting up a company.
Social security contributions, what you receive in exchange, calculation method and the company contribution.   
Calculation, application, estimates, working during your retirement and additional pension schemes.
Changes in activities, registered office and business establishments in the BCE.  
Incapacity for work, additional pension schemes (PCLI) and individual pension pledge.
Forms and publications for self-employed.

Child benefit

Apply for your childbirth benefit or adoption allowance.
Conditions, calculation, amounts, payment of your child benefit.
The impact on your child benefit of a change in your family.
A different job, unemployment, early retirement, incapacity for work or illness and the impact of this on your child benefit.
Settle the payment of your child benefit and childbirth benefit for your employees.
Calculate your child benefit, app for working students and your My Child Benefit e-dossier.