About Xerius

Xerius guides entrepreneurs, employers and families through their start-up formalities, social security, supplementary insurances and child benefit. We do this according to the highest standards, in a humane way and clearly. This way our clients can focus on what is important to them: the start-up and expansion of their enterprise, their clients and their family. More than 20.000 employers, 130.000 families, 116.000 self-employed persons and 60.000 companies appeal to our services.

Our work…

… takes a human approach

We want to offer you personal guidance throughout your career, because every person and every situation are unique. We do this by permanently coaching and supporting our employees to ensure they can continue to grow and give you the appropriate advice.

… uses clear language 

Complex processes and difficult words are not our thing. We offer simple communication and look for solutions that are clear to you, so you do not lose any time trying to interpret difficult subject matter.

… is of the highest standards

We want to be the best. For this we can rely on our knowledge and experience. But we continually strive to improve ourselves. We analyze our work methods, obtain quality labels, follow training, develop online tools and so on.

… complies with the imposed regulations

We correctly apply the social legislation to the tasks and assignments entrusted to us by the government. This is inspected by the Federal Public Service Social Security.

Xerius Enterprise Counter

We provide you with clear and detailed information about the start-up formalities you need to fulfill as an entrepreneur. From the registration of your enterprise in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), over the application of your VAT number and permits, to your affiliation with a social insurance fund. We take over all the administrative tasks related to the start-up of your enterprise. An exceptional efficiency thanks to our ISO quality label ISO quality label.

What can we do for you?

Xerius Social Insurance Fund

Xerius Social Insurance Fund manages the social security of more than 110.000 self-employed persons, managers and persons who practice a liberal profession. We assist you in word and deed: with the lowest management fee in the sector, an extensive network of offices and an exceptional efficiency thanks to our ISO quality label. This way you can fully focus on your principal activity: the expansion of your enterprise. Our basic rule? Maximum service at a minimum cost for you.

What can we do for you?

  • We take care of your affiliation as a self-employed person and the affiliation of your company for the annual company contribution.
  • We manage all aspects of your social security and calculate and collect your social contributions every quarter.
  • We regularly and clearly inform you about your social rights and those of your family: pension, maternity assistance, bankruptcy insurance and family plan.
  • We provide you with information about supplements to your social protection and the necessary expert guidance.
  • You gain access to our online environment www.xerius.be/mydossier (Dutch version/French version). There you can securely follow up your file 24 hours a day.
Check out our charter for a good service (Dutch version/French version).

Xerius Mutual Insurance Association

Entrepreneurs deserve a secure financial safety net. That is why Xerius Mutual Insurance Association specializes in supplementary insurances for the self-employed, such as the Voluntary Supplementary Pension and the Guaranteed Income in case of work disability. In this sector, we alone offer our customers the unique combination of a social insurance fund and an in-house insurance agency. From our insights into the social statute of the self-employed we are in a position to offer you excellent guidance and advice concerning the buildup of your pension.

What can we do for you?

  • We make a thorough analysis of your financial situation and your needs.
  • We take care of the start-up of your Voluntary Supplementary Pension and manage it from A to Z.
  • We work out a made-to-measure Guaranteed Income or an Individual Pension Pledge for you, at advantageous rates.

Xerius Child Benefit Fund

Employers have to affiliate with a child benefit fund. Xerius Child Benefit Fund provides a correct and timely payment of family benefits (child benefit, maternity allowance, adoption premium) for the children of employees and self-employed. Also, when necessary, we give advice in this sometimes complicated matter. That we have ample experience in these matters is confirmed by 20.000 affiliated employers and over 130.000 families every day.

What can we do for your employees?

  • We take care of an exact calculation and payment of the child benefit. Every month, and without any administrative hassles.
  • Child benefit constantly changes, just like every family. We guide your employees and make sure their child benefit remains adjusted to all the developments in their household.
  • Not only affiliated families, but you too, as an employer, can always contact any Xerius office if you have any questions. Thanks to an advanced computer network, the most up-to-date information is accessible in all our offices.
  • We provide clear information and communication. Also via www.xerius.be/en/childbenefitonline. Through this online application, every Xerius client can check and manage his or her personal child benefit file and find an overview of payments, information concerning his or her personal child benefit situation, useful forms and more.