Set up as a sole trader

To start up a one-person business in Belgium, you have to:
  • register with the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises (BCE – central business database)
  • settle your social security as a self-employed worker
  • possibly apply for a VAT number
  • possibly apply for permits.
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with the start-up of your one-person business.

Before you start

To start up a one-person business, you must:
  • have your identity card to hand
  • know how you are going to demonstrate a basic knowledge of business management and possibly professional knowledge
  • know what activities you are planning to exercise
  • have a professional bank account number
  • possibly have chosen a trade name.


Starting up a one-person business costs:
  • EUR 83.50 (legal rate) per establishment for registration as a trading company in the BCE (central business database)
  • EUR 55 (+ VAT at 21%) to activate your business number as a VAT number (if applicable).
As a self-employed worker you are subject to the social status of self-employed workers. You pay social security contributions to a social insurance fund every quarter.